RetroCollect FM - The Sega Dreamcast

Some people who visit the Dreamcast Junkyard may also be aware that I occasionally talk rubbish on's retro-gaming podcast - RetroCollect FM. Seeing as our beloved Dreamcast recently entered puberty (which leads me to question why the VMU's voice still hasn't broken), we recorded a special Dreamcast-related episode. Topics covered include the origins of the Dreamcast logo and name, the peripherals, the best games on the system and also the demise of the Dreamcast and it's legacy. Feel free to go here to give it a listen...and if you're feeling extra generous you could go to iTunes and either post a review or even *whispers* hit the 'subscribe' button! Or don't - you are a free man or woman living in a democracy (I hope). Anyway - enjoy...

PS - You can also click here to listen online without any of that iTunes malarkey.

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