The Dreamcast Rucksack

Very recently we inducted the excellent Dreamcast messenger bag into the 'Yard. No, not the new Insert Coin pretender - the original Sega Europe messenger bag that was sent around to various retail outlets in 1999 as part of the promotional activity surrounding the system's launch. There was another item of wearable luggage created to promote the Dreamcast though - the Dreamcast-branded rucksack. That description probably isn't technically correct as the 'rucksack' only has one strap that goes across the wearer's body, but it's not a satchel or messenger bag in the traditional sense, so I guess we'll have to stick to our guns with the description. Enough words though - thanks to the planet-destroying power of the BlackBerry Q5's amazing camera, here are some extraordinarily high resolution pictures:

It's quite a large bag and single zipped area inside the bag does have impressive volume - you could probably get a human head in there and still have room for some severed feet too...if you were so inclined to carry dismembered body parts in it. Moving away from the more macabre uses for the bag, there's also a useful pocket on the back above the embroidered Dreamcast swirl. On the strap itself you'll also find two removable pockets, one of which can quite easily double up as an iPod/mobile phone holder (providing you own a 1999-sized Nokia). Joking aside, this is a really nice and practically-sized bag and the cross-body, padded strap (complete with Velcro) makes it highly adjustable and very comfortable. Due to the single-strapped nature it isn't ideal for hiking, rock climbing or cycling (it keeps slipping off), but for train journeys and the like it's perfect. Here's how it compares to the aforementioned messenger bag size wise:
As demonstrated in the photo above, I think you'll agree these two are pretty cool items, and effortlessly compliment any Dreamcast nerd's wardrobe.


nocarpayment said...

I would love to have one.

Robert Jones said...

Very nice indeed. It's sweet you've now actually got a choice of Dreamcast-branded bags.

Tom Charnock said...

I don't know if sweet is the best word. Tragic?! Haha!

Unknown said...

I was lucky enough to buy this backpack on Ebay in 2010. What talk about the second opportunity I had to buy another? I did late last year, 2014. Very Happy! Item very collectible. A big hug to the Dreamcast fans

Eu tive a sorte de comprar esta mochila no Ebay em 2010. O que falar sobre a segunda oportunidade que tive de comprar outra? Eu fiz no final do ano passado, 2014. Muito Feliz! Item muito colecionavel. Um grade abraço aos fãs de Dreamcast

Unknown said...

I actually have one of these bags from back in the day when I worked at Sega Europe. It has been my work backpack since 2001 and it is now falling apart.

I wish I could find another backpack of the same shape, because the thought of carrying my things in anything else is actually disturbing now!