Gauntlet Giveaway Pewter Miniatures

I recently acquired a copy of the NTSC-U version of Gauntlet Legends. We have featured Midway's multi-player fantasy roaming beat 'em up here at the 'Yard in recent times, but I wanted to investigate something that is particular to the US iteration of the game. As a side note, I actually purchased this NTSC copy from an eBay seller for less than the price of a pint of lager simply because my PAL copy's case has mysteriously vanished from my collection. Very odd, but these things are sent to try us. Now I've told you my life story - lets get on with it. If you look at the front of the NTSC-U box (which is also the front of the manual, owing to the design of the US game cases), you will note this little graphic:

Likewise on the back cover, you will see this:
It seems that to coincide with the US release of Gauntlet Legends, Midway commissioned Reaper Miniatures to create a small number of pewter models of the in-game characters. The best bit is that these miniatures were offered free of charge to anyone who bought the game and completed the in-manual proof-of-purchase form that could be pulled out and mailed back. Obviously, whoever originally bought the copy now in my possession had better things to do with their time than tell Midway how often they rented games before buying them, and as such the form is still intact.
Upon doing a little research into these miniatures, it appears that they were also offered to buyers of other versions of the game, and in the case of the N64 port (in the US at least), special edition boxsets were produced that included a random miniature from the collection. It seems that Dreamcast owners got the better deal here though, as sending the form off bagged you the complete set:
These pewter figurines seem to have been created in pretty small numbers and as such the few that do come up on eBay and other sites fetch high prices. Not sure I'd be willing to smash $300+ on a tiny pewter model these days, but if you sent the form off and claimed your free figures back in 2000, let us know in the comments.


Wandering Lost said...

I happen to have 5 of these from my gauntlet legends for the n64. I know this is old, but let me know.

M37R01D said...

I have the set from when i got the game on dreamcast

Tom Charnock said...

Apologies to both of you who commented many years ago. There's an update to this post coming soon.