Midsummer: Duranik's New Dreamcast Game?

I feel like a bit of a click-baiter writing this because it's not really a story. It's the kind of non-news that tabloids wheel out on a particularly slow day, where the only thing they have to report is a missing cat in a sleepy village somewhere. Or when supermarkets start charging 5p for a carrier bag.
As reported over at Dreamcast News, the next Deamcast game from Sturmwind developer Duranik could well have had its name - or at least a codename - leaked/teased: Midsummer. It's a curious moniker, and doesn't really hint at what type of game it may turn out to be (although that said Sturmwind doesn't make much sense taken on its own, either), indeed the story of how it was discovered is actually more intriguing.

Duranik are also well known for supporting the Atari Lynx (and Sturmwind started life on the Jaguar CD, fact fans) and it transpires that their recent release Alpine Games featured a QR code on the back of the box. Scanning this QR code takes inquisitive users to a website where a bizarre Aztec-style mask smiles menacingly out, while a line of text reads 'follow the line.' The url gives it away though, as you'll see if you follow this link.
And that's it. There really is no more to this story. And that's why I feel like a click-baiter. Coming up next: This Local Woman Makes £450 A Day - Click Here To Find Out How!

Thanks to Pcwzrd13 for the heads up on this.

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