DreamPod - Episode 16

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Make sure you check out Fruit'Y, Saber Rider, Volgarr the Viking, Alice Dreams Tournament, Ghost Blade and the DreamConn after listening to this awesome episode! If you like what you hear, please consider giving us a review on iTunes.

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DCGX said...

In regards to Ghost Blade I understand where you guys and those that pick up the game post-launch are coming from on price and modes included. But for those that pre-ordered the game, caravan mode etc were marketed heavily and that was to be in the product that was paid for. Then it wasn't revealed to be excluded from the product until after the game was released.

People are complaining about the lack of modes because the vast majority aren't getting what they paid for, and they feel literally robbed.

With all due respect, it's two different things and I'm not sure you understand.