The World's Smallest Dreamcast?

OK, so you've probably seen the Yujin Sega History Collection Dreamcast that comes in a plastic egg like something out of a Dobuita toy machine, but we're confident we've found an even smaller example of Sega's lovely white system. Behold:
This is available from Etsy seller Bricksanity for the equally minuscule price of £1.99, is based on a Lego brick, and is a pretty darn cool novelty item - even more so if you collect Lego. One of these Dreamcast bricks would look amazing in any Lego house, and it comes complete with a controller, VMU, mains plug and RGB Scart cable. Sadly this, much like the fabled cake in Portal, is a lie. In actual fact you only get a controller (of sorts):
This is in no way official, but it's pretty awesome. I wonder if Sega Europe will order the seller to cease and desist...surely not!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the write up buddy :)
Edd from BrickSanity

Tom Charnock said...

You're welcome Eddy. Thanks for the tiny DC :)

noiseredux said...

was about to grab one of these for my wife's dollhouse project... looks like shipping to US is $10+ though. :\

Unknown said...

Yeah shipping can be a killer :(
There is a cheaper option I can's about £8 max..
If you use code blocks10 at checkout it will also give you 10% off total order..
Let me know if you wanna go ahead and I can create you a discount code to make shipping less..

Unknown said...

Holey crap that's awesome!!

Unknown said...

Thanks James :)
I have various other consoles available too.. and I am gearing up to release a load of games printed on either 2x2 lego tiles or 1x1
The console is on a 2x2 to give you an idea of scaling..
I'm gonna try them on a 1x1 tile but it might be too small