Dreamcast Magazine Issue 3

Issue 3 of Paragon Publishing's Dreamcast Magazine went on sale in the UK on 23rd November 1999. The main cover story was the magazine's first in-depth look at Shenmue, a game that with hindsight needs no real introduction. Other previews include Vigilant 8: 2nd Offence, Ferarri F355 and Resident Evil 2; while the news section details European sales figures for the fledgling system and takes a look at new peripherals available to buy.

Here are the sales figures from the first month after the Dreamcast's European launch, as detailed on page 6 of issue 3:
  • Over 185,000 Dreamcast consoles
  • Retail sales of £52,000,000
  • Over 350,000 software units sold
  • 280,000 peripherals sold
  • 145,000 VMUs sold
  • 90,000 extra controllers sold
There are 15 new games reviewed too, and these new releases include F1 World Grand Prix, Sega Bass Fishing, Dynamite Cop, Shadowman, Aerowings, Re-Volt and Mortal Kombat Gold. Perhaps the most interesting features though, are the detailed previews of two unreleased games - Midnight GT from Rage and Felony Pursuit from THQ. While the latter was covered very briefly in issue 2 of Dreamcast Magazine, the preview here is much longer and shows off more of the game that was reportedly 90% complete at the time the magazine went to press. Here's the video:

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