Dreamcast Cameo in 'Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris' (1999) - An Abridged Montage

A mysterious package...
...from Kyoto...
Mr. Robot?

Huh? I've got a golden ticket disc
No need to be concerned about malware, It's a Mac, no-one bothers with Macs.
See! No malware, it's ALL CLEAR!
This is a Dreamcast disc, and can only be used on Dreamcast system.
Playback on a Power PC can cause serious damage to it's speakers.
Product Placement Pro-tip: If the logo of your product is too small, make sure you have something else
with it largely and brightly emblazoned placed arbitrarily nearby.
Huh? Is this an Amiga Demo? 
No wait! It's SoulCalibur! Aw yeah!
But wait, where's Kilik?.
Hmmm, my fishtank needs a clean
I'm so excited! A pretty girl wants to play with my Dreamcast!
All my dreams have come true!
A shame it looks like a ZX Spectrum game. Where's my 128-bit powerhouse?
See that! That's 8-bit colour clash! This can't be a Dreamcast game!
OK, so it's not much to look at, but it does predict when the next
giant monster will attack Japan (not a joke)
Want to play some co-op mode Rez with me instead?
As you can see, this graph shows my chances of getting laid.
It started to fall when I pulled out my homemade Trance Vibrator
And this shows the distribution of all the other women in Japan who also won't sleep with me
But at least I'm better off than this Mr. Robot chap.
No-one knows what happened to him. They say he was forced to work for the Government.
Oh wait! There he is!
(notice the Dreamcast controller in the shadows)
What are you doing looking at dusty old books and relying on conventional wisdom? Fire up your Dreamcast!
It will tell you when and where Gamera will strike next.
See! You took to long to embrace the Dreamcast as a powerful simulation tool, and now the News is
reporting the disaster you failed to prevent. Well done.  
Mr. Robot shakes his head in dismay.
(that same Dreamcast GD on desk)
But he shall console himself with his hand built robot maid.
Beer, Dreamcast and Gynoid, what better way to spend your final moments before a giant turtle destroys the city?
Maidbot! upload parameters for Rez co-op play.
Special thanks to Buhl Uhlan for notifying us of this cinematic masterpiece on the facebook page.


Fuan said...


Red Ring Rico said...

Not as cool as the cameo of the SEGA Saturn in the film "Black Mask" starring Jet Li and Karen Mok.

Tom Charnock said...

Haha! Brilliant :D Especially the map of uninterested women heh!

noiseredux said...

I need to see this.