Dreamcast Magazine Issue 9

It's that time again folks - time to take a trip into the distant past and dive into another issue of Dreamcast Magazine! Don't worry though - there's no need to fire up the DeLorean as we've done the hard work for you. Dreamcast Magazine issue 9 hit shop shelves on 18th May 2000 and features 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker on the cover. Previews include Nightmare Creatures 2, Half-Life, Spirit of Speed 1937 (ugh) and a little game from Quantic Dream called Quark.
There are few concrete details to be found about Quark, but it looks as if it was going to be a 3D platformer set across two distinct environments - one a fantasy world with elves and monsters; the other a sort of steampunk version of Victorian London. Another unreleased title, Black & White from Lionhead Studios is given a fairly lengthy preview too, and the first part of Dreamcast Magazine's Black & White Development Diary is showcased on page 38. This dev diary was continued for months and the Dreamcast version of Peter Molyneux's god simulator looked to be in a fairly advanced stage of completion when it was pulled. At the time of writing, the DC version has never been leaked but who knows if this will change in the future...

Reviews in issue 9 are plentiful and there are some heavy hitters covered. Sword of the Berserk, Wacky Races, Fur Fighters, Grand Theft Auto 2, V-Rally 2, Sega Worldwide Soccer: Euro Edition, King of Fighters '99, Carrier and Gunbird 2 are amongst the titles given a once over by the reviews team, and elsewhere in the mag the Japanese Megadrive/PC Engine emulator is revealed. The regular 'Web Watch' section also looks at the very first online games that were available to European Dreamcast owners through DreamArena - a sliding puzzle game and a 'match the pairs' card game. Hardly the high-octane multiplayer experience many were hoping for, but it was a start (click the camera icon on the gallery images above to toggle full screen). Here for your viewing pleasure, is the video walkthrough:

As ever, apologies for the SD quality. I would like to upload in HD but my broadband is pathetically slow and the uploads generally fail after about 4 hours of waiting, so this is pretty much the best I can do at the moment. Once my Sky Broadband contract expires, I'm hoping HD video uploads will be possible. Sigh.

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noiseredux said...

wow, I never knew about Quark. That's really interesting. Bummer it never surfaced. I love Quantic Dream stuff.