Famicam64 iOS App Adds VMU Filters & Frames

Famicam64 is a retro-inspired camera app for iOS devices that allows you to add all manner of cool retro gaming and computer effects to your photos. Want to give snaps of your dog an 8-bit makeover and add a pseudo NES box art frame? Famicam64 is the perfect app for you! I published a full review of Famicam64 over at RetroCollect recently and consider it to be one of the best camera apps available for the iPhone, but it just got a whole lot better with the release of update 1.3.
Why? Well, now you can turn your phone into a Dreamcast VMU! I have to admit to having a bit of a hand in the creation of this filter after suggesting it on Twitter, and I must give credit to Famicam64's creator PXL:Artificer for going to the trouble of taking me seriously and actually implementing the VMU frame and filter...

Here are a couple of examples of the types of amazing, monochrome, low-resolution, potato-powered images you can look forward to if you download the Famicam64 app:
A bin!
The red man from a traffic light!
Famicam64 is available for most iOS devices from the App Store for free now (along with a paid version that gets rid of adverts and adds more filters and options); and an Android version is coming soon. Visit the Famicam64 official website for further details.

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