The Dreamcast Junkyard - Now on Ubuntu Phones and Tablets

Yep, that's right. I'm one of those annoying bores who got themselves a new phone - a Meizu Pro 5 - and can't stop telling people how awesome it is. And I'm also doubly annoying because I opted for one of the very few commercially available Ubuntu phones, so I can look down my nose and sneer at all you sheeple trapped in your walled iOS and android gardens... ahem.
Keep on drinking that GoogApple duopoly Kool-Aid sheeple - I'll just sit quietly over here with my smartphone that has a completely unnecessary but super cool command line terminal.
That's right: Terminal. On a smartphone. 
Anyway, the neat thing about the Ubuntu phone (no wait come back!) is that it's encouraged for all users to experiment with app development on the open source platform (or "snaps" as they like to call them, for some reason). For the complete noob, there is a handy webapp generator tool, which essentially allows you to create a simple icon-emblazoned button that links to a browser bookmark for your favourite websites. You can then publish the "app" onto the Ubuntu store for other like-minded users.
Ubuntu Store - Full of useless and unnecessary webapps, sorry, websnaps.
So I did just that. Say hello to The Dreamcast Junkyard webapp, which is now available for all Ubuntu phones and tablets.
Mum is so proud, I'm an app developer now.
So there you have it. You can read all about the 4th best console out of the sixth generation wars on the 4th most popular phablet OS (yeah, windows phones are still a thing. I'm surprised too).
If anyone wants to do the same for Android and iOS, by all means go ahead.

Psst! Falco Girgis. I hear you like to port things to things for no reason. How about an ElysianVMU port to the Ubuntu Touch OS? I know of at least one customer that would be super appreciative.
Pretty please.

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pcwzrd13 said...

Can I get one for PalmOS so I can use it on my Tapwave Zodiac? ;-)