A Rechargeable, Backlit VMU Appears!

You may be familiar with the name Chris Diaoglou. He's the man behind the DreamConn wireless Dreamcast controller, which is now on its fourth revision and features improved firmware and a host of new functions since my video review. Most notable of these is PC connectivity and a VMU browser app. Chris is planning to apply his impressive wireless technology to a selection of other Dreamcast peripherals too, and we're hoping to bring news about those in the coming weeks. For now though, here are some exclusive images of his latest creation - a VMU with a backlit screen and a rechargeable lithium polymer battery:
One of the major criticisms of the humble VMU is its ability to suck those CR2032 cells dry in a matter of hours, resulting in that skull-piercing beep every time you turn your Dreamcast on. That could be a thing of the past though, as Chris's VMU incorporates the aforementioned Li-Po battery that recharges as the unit is inserted into the controller. Charging states are indicated by an LED located on the bottom of the VMU, with a red light indicating that the battery is charging and a blue light indicating fully charged status.

On top of this, Chris has furnished this VMU with a backlit screen so even on the darkest of nights you'll still be able to check on your Chao or play Flappy Bird/Street Racer. Reports that thugs have been doing this while laying in wait for Pokemon Go players to pass by are unconfirmed.
"Hi Tom! I know that I've promised a wireless keyboard and wireless light gun - I have them scheduled for later this year. Until then, just a heads up for a mod I decided to create this week - the rechargeable VMU!

This is a regular VMU that is modded to be powered from an internal built-in rechargeable Li-Po battery and as you can see in the photos, the VMU has not been modified externally - except for a LED on the bottom. When the VMU is plugged in the controller, it will charge while you are playing and the LED will glow red. When the VMU is fully charged, the LED will glow blue.

Also, in this mod I have included the VMU screen backlight - all in one."
- Chris Diaoglou

Obviously, this isn't the first time we've seen a VMU with a screen light, but it's certainly the first with a rechargeable battery and indicator LEDs. Chris hasn't made any plans to make this (made to order) mod available to purchase at present as the cost of creating the unit is quite high apparently, however if there is enough demand this could change. For now, this is just an intriguing look at the versatility of the VMU hardware. Next up: wireless light guns!

For those interested (and with deep pockets!), the DreamConn 4.0 is still available here.


JT said...

My word, Chris actually made it, thats outstanding! Solved both of the VMU's design-floors in one! Really hope everyone realises how much they need one of these and Chris makes them available :)

doceggfan said...


Adrian said...

This is awesome! DreamConn + backlit VMU = perfect DC gaming

Mossj32 said...

would love to see a schematic and part list for this.

James said...

I would buy this as soon as it became available for purchase. The button cell battery has been such a problem for me and my dreamcast that this mod is certainly worth the cost.

James said...

I would purchase this modded vmu. It's more than likely worth the cost as the button cells are just garbage. If cost was high you could just offer a battery only option without the backlight or leds.