Back In My Play Celebrates 'Summer of Dreamcast'

Back In My Play is a US-based retro-gaming podcast presented by Kevin Larrabee, and covers all manner of topics. Previous episodes have featured interviews with industry giants like former Sega of America chief Tom Kalinske and veteran developer Mike Mika; while other episodes have covered such varied subjects as the Mega Man series, The Legend of Zelda and Japanese game music. Kevin's co-hosts also come from a wide variety of backgrounds and include writers Josh Hillyer and Greg Sewart; the latter of whom is a former Electronic Gaming Monthly journalist.

Recently, Back In My Play started a new series looking at all aspects of Dreamcast collecting and history titled the 'Summer of Dreamcast,' and episodes have all focussed on a different topic of Dreamcast fandom. From the hosts' first encounters with the system, to the various launches around the world and even an interview with Yu Suzuki. I was also invited to appear on an episode in the Summer of Dreamcast series and I had a great time shooting the breeze with Kevin about the UK advertising campaigns, my memories of the launch and also some PAL exclusives and indie/homebrew gems you may have missed - this is episode 401 detailed below! You can find all of the episodes of Back In My Play's Summer of Dreamcast by following the links below:

Back In My Play: Summer of Dreamcast
Sega Dreamcast 101: US History, Hardware and Accessories
Sega Dreamcast 201: US Dreamcast Games
Sega Dreamcast and Shenmue 1-3 w/ Ryan Payton
Sega Dreamcast 301: European and Japanese Games/Hardware
Sega Dreamcast 401: Homebrew, European Market, More (Featuring me!)
You can also find Kevin's Patreon page here - if you like what you've heard on any of these podcast episodes, be sure to donate if you can!

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