Fanboy Alert!

Clickbait titles are awesome aren't they? And you my friend, have fallen for that one up there. That said, this is quite interesting/dumfounding so stick around. I was looking at Etsy t'other day and I came across a Dreamcast-related peripheral that literally nobody asked for: an extra mains-powered fan that connects to the rear of the console and acts as a type of beefed up heat extractor:
I'd never seen this before, and I didn't think the Dreamcast generated enough heat to warrant an extra turbine being added to keep it running at a safe temperature...but apparently this thing exists.

For me, the fan that whirrs inside the console case has always seemed adequate to draw warm air out and away from the internal gubbins that spew polygons and sprites onto my tellybox's screen; but somebody, somewhere thought otherwise and so devised this little contraption to fit on the rear of the console and suck even more heat out through the vents.
I love obscure and pointless stuff, but I wonder if this is a step too far? Part of me would like to get one of these and see if I can get a Dreamcast to levitate under its own thrust, while another part wants to point and laugh. I'm so conflicted. That said, I do wonder if this is geared toward Dreamcast owners living in more tropical climbs than I; however I haven't heard of Dreamcasts being particularly prone to overheating in over 15 years of being a fan (heh!) of the system and over a decade of writing this nonsense. If I'm wrong, let me know in the comments.


Lorfarius said...

Be interesting to see someone actually testing the temperature with and without one of these to see if it makes a difference.

way2easy said...

Does this fit with the karaoke unit? I wonder how much stuff you could cram onto the console to make some kind of Frankenstein creation. Anybody got a spare DC zip drive hanging around? Lol

way2easy said...
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Unknown said...

This would probably be useful for those running a USB GDRom Controller or similar, which tend to generate a lot of extra heat.