Leona's Tricky Adventures Competition Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered our competition to win a copy of KTX's awesome indie release Leona's Tricky Adventures! We received almost 1000 entries but there were only 5 copies to give away, and the following people were chosen at random using the Gleam competition app:

Carl from Sweden
Andrew from the UK
Sam from the USA
Safi from the USA
Elisabeth from the USA

Not going to lie - I was kinda hoping it would randomly choose five winners from the UK so it wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg to send these all over the planet, but hey ho - such are the risks associated with running the globe's most popular Dreamcast blog! Congratulations to our winners, we hope you enjoy Leona's Tricky Adventures as much as we did (find our huge review and developer interview by clicking the image links below); and also massive thanks to Tamara and KTX Software for supplying these copies of the game to give away. If you weren't lucky enough to win this time, don't worry - there will be more competitions coming in the near future.
Remember, Leona's Tricky Adventures can still be purchased from the official website and on Steam so get over there and support our indie developers!

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Tammy said...

Oh my god, I missed it :-( , but well, after all going to buy the "must have" !!!