Rez Infinite Merchandise & Launch Date Revealed

Rez Infinite looks awesome and it's coming to the PS4 and PS VR on October 13th 2016. Initially a digital download, the game is also scheduled to receive a limited physical release...but that's not all. According to a PlayStation Europe blog post by Rez producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Rez Infinite's launch will be bolstered with a whole barrage of merchandise, including vinyl records, t-shirts, an art book, pin badges and a holographic kitchen sink.
We're big fans of Rez here at the Junkyard and we've featured the game extensively here in the past. From Ross's video hands on and first impressions with the PS VR version he recently tried out at the Game On expo in Tokyo; to the fan-made Dream Trance vibrator created by Scott (and reviewed by me here), we can't get enough of the music-based acid trip-a-thon.

The collectables detailed in Mizaguchi's blog post will be produced by veteran merchandise manufacturer iam8bit, and the whole range looks to be pretty sweet from the initial artists impressions adorning the site (copied and pasted here for your delectation). One of the most interesting aspects of the aforementioned post though, are the references to the Dreamcast version:

"There’s no easy way to find and play any version of Rez currently – and no way at all on any of the current gaming systems. So while I’m super proud that, over the last 15 years, Rez’s fan community has grown along with its reputation, as more and more players have discovered its integration of graphic design, sound, and shooting action, at the same time I regret that fewer and fewer people have any way to play the game!

Hopefully all Rez fans will find something here that they like, including those future fans who’ve never played before but will give Rez Infinite a try on PS4 or PSVR starting this fall… all without having to go to eBay or hook up a dusty old Dreamcast to enjoy it!"
- Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Excuse me?! A 'dusty old Dreamcast'? There's no dust here Mr Mizuguchi, you cheeky sod! And what about the PS2 and Xbox 360 versions? Eh? I suppose I can let you off with a warning since you created such an amazing game. Tsk.
Rez Infinite launches on 13th October and the official Rez Infinite Collection can be pre-ordered from iam8bit's website here.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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Unknown said...

Oh my god, dude (drooling)!! I'm really frickin' considering taking what little money that I have,that I've got put down on Gran Turismo and Battlefield 1, and just buying every single item, including the limited ed physical game (even though I won't be getting VR, maybe at all!
A game that I straight up love, and am actually pretty good at, I'm very tempted!