The Top 200 Dreamcast Games 2016 - As Voted By You!

We asked. You voted. And boy...did you vote! The Top 200 Dreamcast Games ballot has been counted and compiled, and laid out with with a tonne of stats and interesting insights. I would like to thank Mike Phelan, our in-house stat-master for all of his hard work putting this new and updated Top 200 together and also you, the readers who voted and shared your memories with us as to why you voted for the games you did. As a system that is now knocking on the door of 20 years old, the vast majority of us were in our teenage years when the Dreamcast hit the shelves, and there are multiple tales of college dorm battles and friendships formed over the beeping of a VMU...friendships that still last today. Anyway, before I start blubbing over my keyboard, let's get on with it.

The Dreamcast Junkyard Top 200 Games 2016 can be found either by clicking the link in the ribbon under the header image (look - it's just up there), or if you're reading this on a mobile device you can click on the image below to be whisked away to the dedicated page we set up to house this new list. You can also still find Aaron's previous 2013 Top 200 here should you wish to compare them, although Mike has helpfully provided information on the previous chart positions in the 2016 list. Enough from me though.

Go now and bask in the glory of the Top 200 Dreamcast Games voted by you!



ConnyP said...

Great work!, as sore looser and schmup/fighter voter, I honestly wonder who uses their dc for playing shenmue nowadays?

Unknown said...

About 25k people from shenmue 500k on facebook

FlorreW said...

Not a member of shenmue 500k but still plays through shenmue at least 1 time / year :)