El Charnock Returns!

My continued efforts to get Tom's likeness digitised into a Dreamcast game has been given a huge kick in the pants thanks to the new crowd-funding campaign that started this week. While our chance to shoot Tom in the face in Retro Sumus's game Xenocider was scuppered due to a lack of funds (on both sides), we have a brand new chance to see our Mancunian candidate starring on our favourite little white box of tricks.

Initially, not one, but two of the support tiers for the upcoming indie tactical FPS game In the Line of Fire, gave us the opportunity to see a digitised Tom shoot other people in the face. I was going to focus on the higher tier: Become Gun Cage Manager, which would have seen Mr. Charnock taking a leading role in the game, but some lucky sod has already beat us to it.
You sunk my Battleship!
But fear not, we still have one remaining avenue to get Tom into the game. As of now, there are still 12 spots left for Tom's ugly mug to feature on a support character that will also be available in multi-player. Imagine how cool that would be, we might still get a chance to shoot him in the face...

El Charnock lives!
How are we going to do this? Yes, us, collectively. What? Did you think I was going to shell out 250 clams by myself? Contrary to popular belief, I'm not made of money. My suggestion is to run a mini crowd-funding campaign within the greater crowd-funding campaign. We did this last time, with great success, I might add (*scoffing-scoff-cough-cough*).

Unlike last time, when we utterly failed, Tom was compelled to spend the greater half of a week manually returning hundreds of 50p Paypal donations to the people who got behind this fabulous idea of mine. So we won't do that again, because now we have a Patreon thingy!
There! Right there! On the side bar!
So, here is what I propose. For the duration of the In the Line of Fire Kickstarter campaign, we will accept and tally any and all donations over the coming month. Just like on those annoying Wikipedia ads, if we all pitch in a few dollars, we will have enough money in a few short days to secure Tom a spot on the $250 pledge tier (if you'd also consider maintaining that donation on a regular monthly basis, we wouldn't say no to that either). 

If for some unimaginable reason we don't get enough funds in time, we will donate whatever extra funds we get over the month to the Militia Dev Studio for no physical reward, as a gift from the collective DCJY community. And in the unlikely event that the Kickstarter campaign fails, we will just keep the donations for ourselves, to go towards server and podcast hosting, buying obscure games for review and documentation, and all expenses first-class trips to Japan. 

So your donation will be used by us in some fashion or another, hopefully for its intended purpose, but also perhaps not. The main thing is that Tom doesn't have to suffer a new round of physical therapy to recover from clicking on far too many procedurally generated electronic refund forms. If you accept these terms and conditions, please donate now! You know it makes sense.
Artist's impression. May not be representative of final product.


Tom Charnock said...

I'm concerned about the frequency of posts where you want to shoot my face, Scott XD

FlorreW said...

Hahaha , ill support and hope this will happen ! (No worries Tom, mostly to support the developers *cough cough* 😉)

pcwzrd13 said...

I'll buy that for a dollar! :-P

OneStar said...

Backed the KS. and threw a buck towards getting to shoot Tom in the face.

FlorreW said...

Gr8 OneStar :D Make sure to spread the word as well !