KeybConn: A Wireless Dreamcast Keyboard

You'll no doubt recall the recently revealed LightConn, the wireless Dreamcast lightgun that works with flatscreen televisions. It's the work of talented Greek modder and programmer Chris Diaoglou, creator of the DreamConn wireless controller we looked at in 2015. Chris has been busy implementing his Bluetooth tech into all sorts of other Dreamcast peripherals over the last few months and now he's revealed the next one to be stripped of its wires - the keyboard.
Dubbed the KeybConn, this prototype utilises the same wireless dongle as the gun and the controller and allows users to play any number of keyboard-compatible games from the comfort of a couch or desk without being limited to the length of the cable. While this probably isn't a problem many of us have encountered in the recent past, it's still a very cool addition to the Dreamcast's growing collection of wireless peripherals.

"KeybConn utilizes the same tech and features as DreamConn and LightConn. What is quite interesting though, is that although the Dreamcast keyboards lacked of any peripheral slots, the KeybConn manages to embed and make full use of two virtual VMUs too.

Tested with Quake 3 Arena (and other games) with 100% success. The keyboard is recognised properly, game actions re-mapped to keys fine and VMUs fully available for saving.

This mod will be released on eBay soon in very limited quantity (just as a collectible), but I will probably make available and accept orders for modifying a customer's keyboard."
- Chris Diaoglou

As stated, the KeybConn includes the same virtual VMUs as the DreamConn and the LightConn and only the addition of a wireless mouse could make this better prospect. The model pictured is a 'skeleton' keyboard, but the standard white Dreamcast keyboard is also capable of being made wireless should you have a burning desire to play Typing of the Dead from 60 feet...while using that pair of binoculars you bought in TK Maxx 6 months ago for no other reason than that they were reduced to £12.99 from £39.99. We've all done it. Chris assures us that there are more wireless Dreamcast peripherals on the way, so stay tuned for news on his other creations.
For further info and to purchase any of these devices, you can contact Chris via his eBay profile.


Unknown said...

Those 2 virtual VMU slots are a very nice addition. I always hated how you had to have a controller with a VMU plugged in next to the keyboard and mouse if you wanted to save (lazy design on SEGA's part imo, the keyboard should have had 1 VMU slot at least).

Tho I think 'KeyConn' would be a better sounding name. =P

Chris Daioglou said...

Very nice. I was myself, between KeyConn and KeyBConn.
As a first choice, I went with KeyBConn (more close to keyboard) but I think that you are right: KeyConn sounds better and seems that this will be the final name of it.