Dreamcast Shmup Ghost Blade Heading To Steam, PS4, Xbox One & Wii U

Hucast's Ghost Blade hit the Dreamcast in 2015 and was met with some fairly mixed reviews. Personally, I quite enjoyed the simplistic shooting action; while others derided the lack of options and fairly easy difficulty level. Until now, the only way to play Ghost Blade has been on Sega's final system but now the game is heading to current gen consoles with a new lick of HD paint. Here's the teaser trailer:

Slated for digital release on February 28th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Wii U, Ghost Blade HD promises new visuals, online leader boards and two player modes. Apart from the new visuals and artwork though, the only other new feature I can see is the addition of trophies and achievements. That said, if you never played the original Dreamcast version the $9.99 price tag might be enough to convince you to give Ghost Blade a whirl.
Did you play the original Ghost Blade? Does a new version with HD graphics and new features interest you? Let us know in the comments!

Be sure to keep an eye on Hucast's dedicated Ghost Blade website for updates.


Unknown said...

I played it, it is OK, nowhere close to Sturmwind but way better than Dux and many other indies. The main problem with the DC version is the slowdown.

DCGX said...

This explains why Hucast has been so quiet lately. My guess is Redux 2, which I don't think a ton of people were anticipating to begin with, was shelved to work on this HD re-release and probably help fund Redux 2 if it's still in production.

We can fault Hucast for a lot, but not this in my opinion. The $10 price tag (and WiiU release) is nice too. I won't be getting it as the DC release was a relative disappointment for me, but again, at $10, I encourage others to download it.

Tom Charnock said...

Yeah the price is decent. Wonder if they'll release DLC for it going forward. More levels etc would be cool

DCGX said...

That would be cool, but then us DC owners will lose out unless they use the DC SD card.

Also, looks like I was right: Hucast responded to a query on their Facebook if this re-release meant development on games for DC has ended. They said news on 'Redux 2' for Dreamcast is coming in May.