New Dreamcast Game Matterrun Available Now!

Another day, another free Dreamcast indie game lands. This time, it's Matterrun from Fuseki Games. Set in deep space, the game tasks players with collecting 'matter cannisters' and disposing of them before the enemy can use the same canisters to build a mothership that will hunt you down and destroy you with extreme prejudice. It sounds a little bit like Sinistar to me...only without the nightmare-inducing immortal face thing that chases you through the cosmos. Fuseki is no stranger to the Dreamcast, having previously released Primitive Nightmare and a bunch of DOS conversions, all of which are available for free from his site.
"Matterrun, the 2017 release by Fuseki, is a battle between the player and enemy Seekers, both of whom are racing to find Matter Canisters. The player must find them and dispose of them by returning them to the Disposal Ship, and the Seekers are collecting them to build their Mothership. 

The player has a few power-ups and the Concussion Wave weapon to help them with this task. The Seekers will attempt to steal any Canisters that the player has picked up. If the Mothership is constructed, it'll hunt the player down ruthlessly and attempt to destroy it. How long can YOU survive?"
- Fuseki Games

Matterrun was made with the BennuGD programming language and is available as a downloadable CDI image here. It can be burnt with Alcohol 120% to play in a Dreamcast console or played via an emulator. Thanks to Alfonso Martinez of SegaSaturno for the heads up.

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