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SEGAbits Top 100 SEGA Games VS. The Top 200 Dreamcast Games

Over at SEGAbits.com, I've been hard at work for the past six months compiling a Top 100 SEGA Games list. The list was a reaction to IGN's Top 100 Games of All Time, which was complete BS. Not because I disagreed with the order, but because it did not include a single SEGA game. What began as a hate-fueled reaction transformed into a very interesting experiment in finding what SEGA fans deemed their favorite games. 

Unlike the Dreamcast Junkyard Top 200, I couldn't list every SEGA game ever made in a tick box survey, so instead the SEGAbits list was assembled from over fifty top twenty-five lists that were then weighted with a points system favoring games that were closer to number one. Sure most people will include, for example, a game like Sonic the Hedgehog. But of those people, most rank it lower in their top twenty-five compared to a game like Shenmue II. The end result was a top 100 that brought both the number of votes and how much those voters enjoyed the games into account. 

Seeing as how the DCJY has their own list, I thought it would be fun to compare the top 10 games from each list to see how they compare. Since the Top 100 SEGA Games list does not include non-SEGA titles, I'll remove those from consideration in the DCJY list. The top ten, seen below, will show the placement on SEGAbits and DCJY lists, and in parenthesis where that game is found on the other's list.

10. SEGAbits: Chu Chu Rocket (DCJY: 20th place, 12th w/o third party games)

DCJY: Rez (SEGAbits: 33rd place, 8th Dreamcast only)

9. SEGAbits: Crazy Taxi (DCJY: 3rd place)

DCJY: The House of the Dead 2 (SEGAbits: 79th place)

8. SEGAbits: Rez (DCJY: 12th place, 10th place w/o third party games)

DCJY: Phantasy Star Online (SEGAbits: 4th place, 2nd Dreamcast only)

7. SEGAbits: Sonic Adventure 2 (DCJY: 6th place, 5th place w/o third party games)

DCJY: Shenmue II (SEGAbits: 5th place, 3rd Dreamcast only)

6. SEGAbits: Sonic Adventure (DCJY: 2nd place)

DCJY: Skies of Arcadia (SEGAbits: 6th place, 4th Dreamcast only)

5. SEGAbits: Jet Set Radio (DCJY: 5th place, 4th place w/o third party games)

DCJY: Sonic Adventure 2 (SEGAbits: 20th place, 7th Dreamcast only)

4. SEGAbits: Skies of Arcadia (DCJY: 7th place, 6th place w/o third party games)

DCJY: Jet Set Radio (SEGAbits: 8th place, 5th Dreamcast only)

3. SEGAbits: Shenmue II (DCJY: 8th place, 7th place w/o third party games)

DCJY: Crazy Taxi (SEGAbits: 25th place, 9th Dreamcast only)

2. SEGAbits: Phantasy Star Online (DCJY: 10th place, 8th place w/o third party games)

DCJY: Sonic Adventure (SEGAbits: 19th place, 6th Dreamcast only)

1. SEGAbits & DCJY: Shenmue 

(SEGAbits: 2nd place) 

Analysis: Despite being two very different lists, when stripping away the non-Dreamcast from SEGAbits and third party titles from DCJY, you get surprisingly similar results! Both top 10 lists share 9 games, with Chu Chu Rocket barely making the DCJY list and The House of the Dead 2 being much lower on the SEGAbits list. The reason for this is, I think, that the DCJY list was made with the Dreamcast in mind, and thus a game like The House of the Dead 2 is a must own as it is the best light gun game on the console. Meanwhile on the SEGAbits list, The House of the Dead 2 had to compete with every other SEGA game.

Shenmue makes the top of both lists, with only Sonic the Hedgehog 2 narrowly beating out the game on SEGAbits list when including all platforms.

Thanks for reading, and if you haven't yet make sure to check out both the Top 100 SEGA Games list and the Top 200 Dreamcast Games list.

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