Rare Dreamcast-based digital aquarium sells for US$3650

Ever wanted to own one of the rarest variations of the Dreamcast hardware? With touchscreen controls and an exclusive game where you can interact with digital fish? Sorry to say you've just missed out, but it would have set you back over US$3650. so you probably aren't that gutted.
We've previously covered the Sega Fish Life Digital Aquarium here, and here. If you're too lazy to click the links, it's basically a rare curio from Japan that was mainly sold to businesses like restaurants. While waiting for their steaming bowl of ramen, patrons are soothed by the realistic looking digital fish gently swimming around, and you could even tap the glass to interact with them. Unlike real aquariums, business owners never had to ever worry about forgetting to feed them or cleaning out a scummy tank. Japan thinks of everything.
Chilean-based Juppon Gatana retro store finally sold their unit to an identity obscured ebay member r***i, who dominated the auction with a bid of US$2000 on 22 Feb, and defended against 3 other serious bidders, before the auction ended yesterday at a cool US$3650. Juppon Gatana's reserve was met, so presumably the unit will soon be on its way to a happy (and decidedly poorer) new owner soon.
Here's hoping r***i has the ability and philanthropic compassion to digitally preserve the Sega Fish Life GD-ROM and dutifully release it into the wild, so that maybe one day us mere mortals might be able to experience its esoteric delights via a suitably modified emulator. I jest, that's probably not going to happen...stupid hoarders.


Unknown said...

While we are talking about hoarders... Guy who has Take The Bullet prototype, eat a fat one. Same goes for Worms Pinball Guy and the bum who found that deer hunting game along with the goofball that bought it. And P.S. stop re-releasing Dux. Dont even think about it JoshProd, leave that one alone.

hoogafanter said...

The more time goes on, the more hoarders I see scooping up all the Dreamcast stuff... it's maddening...

Hiro said...

There are two things that intrigue me.

How the hell could they program this fish tank and why did not they publicize what the Dreamcast could do for the world?

Unknown said...

Hello there,

I am part of the Museum Bolo team in Switzerland. We have a Sega Fish Life and one of the associated software/game. We are going to release as much information/code/dumps as possible.

Stay tuned on our Twitter. Here you will find our teaser for this new project: