DreamPod - Episode 57

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pcwzrd13 said...

Great podcast guys and thanks for the shout-out!

Just to clarify who does what:

Kazade / Luke - Developer of the DreamPi software and Dreamcast Now.
Shuouma / Jonas - Master of resurrecting game servers and host of most of the online games.
Me / pcwzrd13 - Dreamcast Live founder / DreamPi hardware guy / PR Person.

way2easy said...

Great podcast as always guys. I would love to see something like a feature game or peripheral section, where everyone discusses an old DC classic for a few minutes each podcast.

BlueSwirl said...

I bought what I thought was boxed BBA on ebay a couple of weeks ago from japan, £32 plus an £11 customs charge which I didnt mind paying as I thought it was still a bargain, turns out I just paid £43 for a 33k modem in a BBA box lol