Okinawa Rush Heads Up New Dreamcast Releases

As recently reported over at Dreamcast News, the latest batch of new Dreamcast releases from Josh Prod have been revealed via some great detective work. These new titles follow in the footsteps of Flashback, 4x4 Jam and Breakers et al which were released throughout 2017, and there are some pretty tantalising titles included. Heading up the lineup is the Kickstarter originated Okinawa Rush, a frantic 2D side scrolling beat 'em up with RPG elements and some outstanding action sequences.
Further to this, we can expect Dreamcast ports of the underrated 3D sequel to Flashback, Fade to Black, obscure Amiga adventure game The Escapee and vertically scrolling shmup Battle Crust. Of all the games in the list, Fade to Black is the one which intrigues me the most, and it'll be interesting to see whether it is a port of the PC release of Conrad Hart's continued struggle against alien invaders, or if it is based on the PlayStation version.
Battle Crust is a vertical shmup first released on Steam in 2015 by Picorinne Soft, a small indie developer based in Japan. It has a similar aesthetic to PC Engine shmups like Armed Formation F and looks like it will fit in rather well with the Dreamcast's existing stable of sublime shooters. We do have access to an early beta version of this Dreamcast release, so we'll let you know how it plays very soon. Finally, there is The Escapee from Invictus Games - a very Flashback-esque 2D adventure with a fantastic intro sequence and some of the most deliciously difficult puzzles ever seen in this genre. I know, because I'm one of the three people on Earth who have played it.
JoshProd are yet to officially announce these releases or the dates that they'll be available to order, although we have spoken to Philippe at JoshProd and it looks like there will be more concrete information in late April 2018. We'll have reviews of all of these titles as and when we can get our hands on them. Exciting times, eh?!

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Source: Dreamcast News / JoshProd


Ross said...

Brilliant news. I suppose we should have guessed that Fade to Black would come out after the success of Flashback.

I'll be looking to preorder this as soon as I can. Long live the Dreamcast!

MKKhanzo said...

Intrigued as well by Fade to Black, but Okinawa Rush looks awesome!

FlorreW said...

Josh can prepare a multiple preorders from me already 👍 this is great news indeed. Especially fade to black.

RetroButton said...

Love Shmups, so Battle Crust may be for me. :-)
Nice to see new releases.

Segasocks said...

Will they announce The Spirit of Speed Online this year?

DDT said...

Wow Battle Crust is a solid doujin shooter! Hoping for their other game Infinos Gaiden as well!! Which is an awesome game. Make it happen please :) Okinawa Rush looks amazing too. Thank you JoshProd!!!

Unknown said...

Wow. This man just saved the year. Kudos to JoshProd.

Did not know of Okinawa Rush at all, and it is a day one. If ever was one. Also, Battle Crust seems like a safe bet. I wonder if any of the other games on this video will come to DC later on: