Castlevania: Resurrection playable build finally released online!

If you've been keeping an eye on the internet in the last month or so, you will be very aware about the discovery of the long thought lost Dreamcast Castlevania entry, Castlevania Resurrection. This game from Konami is one of the most infamous 'lost' games for the Dreamcast, and the internet was understandably psyched to learn that it truly did exist after all these years of speculation!

As is usual with a lot of these game preservation cases, there were concerns that the GD-ROM containing this undumped game would fall into the wrong hands, and when an eBay auction went up and started racking up hefty bids, all was thought to be lost. But in the early hours of this morning, Dreamcast preservationist Comby Laurent messaged us to let us know the news we all wanted to hear: he has communicated with the owner of the original GD-ROM and with the assistance of a team, has worked to release the game files onto the internet for us all to experience for ourselves! Check out some gameplay footage from us below. It's finally here!

It turns out that this demo was originally intended for distribution to journalists and VIPs at E3 only, which is why this release is known as the "E3 Pre-Demo". For some fascinating details about this game and its release online, check out Comby's page. Comby and his team has compiled an archive that contains not only the original GD-R dump in raw format, but also many playable formats, such as a CDI - allowing you to burn the game to a CD-R and play it on your Dreamcast - or alternatively a miniaturised GDI for those of us out there rocking something like the GDEMU or MODE. For those without access to real hardware, playing on an emulator is of course also an option. You can download Castlevania: Resurrection by clicking the link below. Have fun! 

Download Castlevania: Resurrection (E3 Pre-Demo)


Anonymous said...

Thank You

MKKhanzo said...

At last! This is like a Dream come true!

Unknown said...

Looks awsome , hate seeing work go unfinished. Sometimes it takes time to get over a bump in the road. #recycle

Nightrnr said...

I'm stoked.
It's a lost (and now found) piece of Castlevania history.

way2easy said...

Just had a quick go of this. It's not bad at all, looks and plays ok for considering how little it was completed. This is essentially a tour around some environments and a showcase for some different enemy types, the combat itself is fairly boring as there is no real strategy except stand in front of enemy and attack until they die. I also had a reoccurring problem with falling down pits with no way to get out. It was still pretty fun though, seeing how cool this could have been.
Shout out to Comby and his team, the download pack is very well put together with heaps of info on the demo itself. Great stuff.