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Christmas DreamPod - Audience Participation Sought by 30 November!

Santa Clause makes an appearance in Shenmue

Update: submissions have now closed! You can hear the episode here.

I apologise off the bat for raising the spectre of Christmas when we are barely half way through November. I know some will be dismayed by the ever expanding time and space which this particular festival occupies - not least retail workers who are bracing for the onslaught of Mariah Carey and Slade songs on endless loop. If Christmas isn’t really your thing, for whatever reason, then that is cool by us. 

However, if you are partial to the festive spirit, and are willing to countenance prematurely dipping your toes into it, even if just for a moment, then please read on.

The Junkyard crew have been invited to partake in RadioSEGA's wonderful 'Winterfest'; a veritable marathon of Sega related audio productions which is due to take place in December. However, we've decided that we really can't be gabbing on about Christmas themed levels in Dreamcast games once again, despite how much we may adore them (except Mike, our resident Grinch, who we cherish nonetheless). Therefore, this year, we’re hoping to record an episode that is infused with a hearty dose of audience participation. 

To make our forthcoming Christmas DreamPod episode something special, we’d love to hear from you, the dear readers and listeners who make the Junkyard a worthwhile endeavour. So, pour a sherry, snaffle a mince pie from the secret stash, and send a message to dreamcastjunkyard (at) gmail dot com by Thursday the 30th of November that covers one (or all) of the following:

  1. Cracker Competition: miniature nail clippers and those weird fortune telling fish are fine and dandy, but wouldn’t it be so much better if a VMU dropped out of your Christmas cracker? Pitch us your Dreamcast-themed cracker, including a) the design of the cracker and paper hat, and b) the gift(s) contained within. Bad jokes are welcome too, of course. Our esteemed guests will pick a winner on the pod and all entries will be given a shout-out. 
  2. Carollers… but, you know, Dreamcasty ones: instead of politely grinning through an off key rendition of silent night, wouldn’t it be grand if you got to hear your favourite Dreamcast game song belted out on your doorstep? How about Sonic Adventure’s ‘Open Your Heart’ lovingly rendered by Metallica? Or Yu Suzuki rattling through ‘The Whole New World’ from PSO? Let us know who you want to see carolling and what they would be singing. Entries will be featured on the pod.
  3. Dreamcastic Christmas Tales: For those are perhaps unsure of what to submit for the above, you could always just tell us some of your abiding memories of Christmases past that involve the little white box. What game do you replay for the umpteenth time every boxing day? Is multiplayer Power Stone brought out before or after dinner? Has Santa ever left you any Dreamcast-related gifts? A selection of submitted stories will feature on the pod, so be sure to let us know all the wee details. Photos would be appreciated immensely too if you have them and will likely feature on an accompanying blog post for the episode.

All those who lend us their Dreamcastic Christmas ideas will of course gain a permanent spot on the DCJY ‘nice’ list, and will also be entered into a draw for some Dreamcast-related stocking fillers. Two winners will be randomly selected and contacted by the time the pod airs to arrange delivery.

Prizes up for grabs by those who answer our call

So, don those ideas caps and get scribbling! Once again, the address to write to is dreamcastjunkyard (at) gmail dot com. We eagerly await your response.

DreamPod - Episode 44: RadioSEGA WinterFest 2016

Once you've listened to/downloaded the episode, be sure to head over to RadioSEGA to enjoy a constant stream of awesome music and original shows. As ever, if you like what you hear please consider leaving us an iTunes review. And if you fancy chucking $1 a month at us for this lovely content feel free to check out our Patreon page. Thanks!

RadioSEGA Winterfest 2016

RadioSEGA's third annual Winterfest weekend is approaching at a rate of knots, and we're super excited to announce that The Dreamcast Junkyard DreamPod will be kicking things off! If you're not familiar, Winterfest is a weekend long festival celebrating the very best music from the world of SEGA and is comprised of short shows from various content creators and websites. The Winterfest starts at 7pm GMT on Friday 16th December, continues over the whole weekend, and includes shows from sites like SEGA Driven and SEGA Nerds as well as the regular hosts. If you're at a Christmas party next Friday, be sure to tune in at 7pm and turn the volume up for some classic SEGA anthems! Find out more by keeping an eye on RadioSEGA here.


See what I did with the title of this post? It's like Frost/Nixon but less politically charged. Should probably be the other way round and written as RadioSEGA/DCJY...but meh. Anyway, let's get on with it. If you're a Sega fan, you'll no doubt be familiar with RadioSEGA...and if you're not, then allow me to enlighten you. RadioSEGA is an online radio station that broadcasts a whole range of shows and Sega-related music 24 hours a day. It has its own hosts, talk shows and discussion programmes as well as a thriving online community and forum. Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited onto one of RadioSEGA's most popular talk shows - The Sega Lounge - to talk about the Dreamcast, my history with the system and also The Dreamcast Junkyard itself. The show was a lot of fun and main host KC was a consummate broadcast professional (you can pay me later for that description, KC). There was also a Dreamcast music quiz that I wasn't too hot at - I could have done with a 'phone a friend' call on some of the tracks to be honest!
Other topics we touched on included the whole saga with the DCJY Guide and our recent In Search Of The Barber series (special thanks to both Kotaku and Nintendo Life for covering that, too!). Overall it was a great experience and I'm honoured that I was asked to appear on The Sega Lounge. The show was actually broadcast a couple of weeks ago (The Sega Lounge usually goes out on a Thursday night and has a different guest each episode) but now it is available as a podcast, so while you're waiting for us to get around to recording a new episode of DreamPod (don't worry - we're not cancelling it or anything...just real life events prevent us from recording now and then!) why not give this one a listen? Link below, folks!