, The Dreamcast Junkyard: New Dreamcast Racer On The Horizon?

New Dreamcast Racer On The Horizon?

A very talented guy by the name of David Webster has been working on Dreamcast homebrew projects for the past few years and uploading his tech demos to his YouTube channel. Among his works on the Dreamcast are some rather cool real-time lighting and environment rendering demonstrations (complete with adaptive tessellation - whatever that is!); but by far the most impressive of David's creations is the 'Dreamcast Engine,' a 3D first person demo that shows the beginnings of some truly impressive lighting effects and architecture. Check out the video:

Sadly, it seems that work on Dreamcast Engine has been placed on hiatus as of now, but all is not lost - David has turned his attention to another project. This project is still in the very early stages of development, but judging from the two YouTube clips below the Dreamcast could soon be playing host to it's very own sprite-based, procedurally generated take on either Rad Mobile or F-Zero. Exciting stuff indeed.

Clearly, these videos show off some very early builds of a work in progress, but we can't wait to see where this new racing project goes. Any new Dreamcast software gets us excited and either a traditional car-based racer or a futuristic space-themed one is fine by us, but in the meantime you can view David's other development videos by clicking the links below.

Dreamcast homebrew - winter terrain and light bloom
Dreamcast homebrew - dynamic shadows and lighting
Dreamcast homebrew - depth of field

Special thanks to friend of the 'Yard pcwzrd13 for alerting me to David Webster's impressive work.

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fanat said...

Here's a an update from back in february, there are also two more updates from january on his channel.
It seems he's combining features of his 3D engine and the sprite engine, with the seeming goal of making a racer.
Depth of field and advanced lighting on a dreamcast, pretty awesome imo.