Lawsuit Imminent...Part 3

The Dreamcast Junkyard is a place for mature gamers who enjoy the finer things in videogaming. Of course, ownership of a Dreamcast and access to the finest arcade conversions in the history of the universe is a testament to this ethos. As such, mockery of rival consoles is something you will rarely find written here - although that's mostly because the DC has no rival when it comes to quality over quantity.

However, something has been brought to my attention by a regular reader of the 'Yard - a man who goes by the mysterious name of 'JP.'

Look at these two pictures:

One is a Sony-VTX800u Freeview box; the other is a Nintendo Wii. Are we the only ones who can see a tiny similarity?! A major Apple/Apple Corps lawsuit may be imminent...and remember where you read it first folks. Rest assured that if a lawsuit fails to materialise in the mainstream press, these pictures will be personally delivered by my hand to Nintendo's Japanese Headquarters in 1985 Dobuita. Or maybe I'm confused...

Does anyone out there still play with their Dreamcast online? If so, I would like to introduce you to a site that may be of interest. I featured a Dreamcast promo video these guys did a few posts ago, but Ladies and Gents, allow me to re-introduce UK Rockers - a multiformat gaming clan who hold tournaments and competitions for online gamers across most major online enabled formats...including the Dreamcast! Here's a list of games that are covered and are still online:

  • StarLancer
  • Quake 3 Arena
  • 4x4 Evolution (US)
  • Phantasy Star Online V 1 & 2
  • Maximum Pool (US)
  • Sega Swirl
If you're still playing online with your 'Cast - good on ya. If you're not, go visit UK Rockers to see what you're missing. They also have up to date gaming news and a regularly updated reviews section so there's something for everyone. As it were.


Ross said...

Cant play online Dreamcast - too busy with Xbox Live! (Halo 2, Mechassualt 2, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, SNK vc Capcom SVC Chaos, etc).

Anyway, I dont really see the similaraties between the two... maybe it is just you guys.

gnome said...

I guess that online Dreamcasts require a PSTN connection right? IF yes THEN too expensive, too slow, :( .

Anonymous said...

jolly good show squire!