Dreamcast Megamix (and YouTube onslaught)

Until I get time to actually write up another article here, here's a video I made just last week out of all the clips of DC game footage so far. There are 52 games featured in this video (53 if you count the one you can hear but not see at the start), and none of them are of FMV scenes, just the in-game goodness. The music used is from Sonic Rush, which sadly is not a Dreamcast game, but would have been if the DS was in fact a Dreamcast in a very clever disguise.

And because I constantly check the Search:Dreamcast in order of last posted age of Youtube, here's a link collection of the most interesting posts by people recently:

Power Stone has it's own Japanese cartoon, complete with naff theme tune. What, you didn't know?

Just when you thought you'd seen it all with Soul Calibur, here comes a documentary on how the game becomes a natural reflex. "It's the true test of manhood." Kudos, Dr. Rek, Kudos.

Remember any good British commercials for Dreamcast games? neither do I, but I never saw this one.

Ulala lives. I'm serious, there is no why this girl can NOT be Ulala herself.

Not exclusively DC related, but this Sega tribute inspiried me to make Dreamcast Megamix. Will bring a tear to your eye (or was it just me?)

Would you believe that this Homebrew game (which has a DC port) is in fact based on the Quake engine?

Someone playing Shenmue music on a Piano. Nuff said.

Girls play Dreamcast too! Well,it IS Bust-a-Move.

Because closing the Dreamcast lid takes SO much effort, someone has modded one with a close function.


fatherkrishna said...

Love the DC Megamix but why does that James Bond look-a-like have to shoot the dolpin out of the sky... Seems so unecessary...
Also like the human Ulala for obvious reasons (phnarr, phnarr!)

Tom Charnock said...

Great video you made there - better than many of the official ones I've seen. Was there a clip of Cosmic Smash in there at some point, or am I just confusing it with Rez?

Animated AF said...

Yeah, that was Cosmic Smash in there.

Tom Charnock said...

Always been intrigued by cosmic smash. Do you own it? How about a post on it in the future?! It looks cool as hell.

Anonymous said...

nice video, but why it's so blocky? Very bad quality. :-(

Animated AF said...

I don't own a proper copy, just a burn. The game's pretty darn rare.

nac said...

Damn someone's taken off the powerstone cartoon on youtube. :(