Dreamcast Collections To Die For Vol 1...

This is Gary's collection and I must say that I'd kill/die for it... Ooooh Lush!

Nuff said... LOL! : P


WOW! Just imagine if that was your stash!

Dreamcasting@btinternet.com... You know it makes sense...

(And we didn't even show you the Treamcasts...)


Animated AF said...

A shame then, that two of those shelfs are filled with pirate copies in white cases. irate discs really aren't worth showing off as, you know, there not real games technically. Mine are all in thin little sleeves so they take no room up. Still, very impressive collection, although I'd rather own every single game I'm actually going to play (which is still a huge lump of them) rather than fill the shelfs with games like Ducati World and Spirit of Speed 1937 just to make he collection bigger =P

Tom Charnock said...

Guys, why are we showing things on the 'Yard that have been on here before?

Animated AF said...

This looks like an updated set of photos to me...I think.

Animated AF said...

Did I mention that I've blown almost £60 on Japanese/American Dreamcast on Ebay in the last two months? That's twice I've emptied out my Paypal account just now! Need to find more stuff to sell! =E

(In case you're wondering, I just nabbed Guilty Gear X)

NebachadnezzaR said...

OMG, look at all those Shenmues! Im a member of a Shenmue portuguese blog and i know a lot of people there that could kill to own that collection alone.

And by the way, are those really pirated copies? My first thoughts were that they'r promo/press versions, just like the 2 white shenmues.

Anyway, even if they are just pirated games, it's still a hell of a collection. You need to be a true Dreamcast addict to download and burn all those cd's.

Animated AF said...

If those are all white promo discs, I'll eat my hat (not that I have one).

fatherkrishna said...

I've looked on the search and can't find Gary's collection posted before... If it was then the question needs to be "FK why are you posting stuff that's been on before?" and the answer is 'cos I didn't know it had!

Gagaman(n)s content is all new!

Sorry it just gets a little difficult to find new stuff all the time... Still it obviously was of interest to nebachadnezzar so it at least amused me and him!

Animated AF said...

Here's the post Tom's revering to:
Although yes, those photos in this post are updated and more in depth ones. It's not like I don't post updated photos of my collection every few months! XD

Animated AF said...

Also, is this that Gary guy's collection? I hope he hasn't added all of his custom game boxes to that pile to make his collection look bigger =P

Anonymous said...

I almost shitted my self when I saw that collection, its HUGE!!. FK I bet you would have fun in there LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi all
Gagaman, dont worry you wont have to eat your hat! they are backups. All the other games are official, I collected everything PAL and I know many of the games will never be played but thats what collectors do isnt it?
I finish collecting the PAL stuff and then started collecting backups, at first I liked the fact you could play NTSC games on your standard PAL dc with out boot discs and all that mucking about. I only collect DC stuff and when I got hold of a few of the unreleased dreamcast games I made covers and manuals for them and things just snowballed from there.
I've never downloaded a game as I dont have the skills for that I have bought every game/backup from other collectors and have been happy to do so as they have skills I dont.
Dont be to hard on me, everyone to their own!

Animated AF said...

That's fair enough, although I'd rather buy proper imports from fake imports, unless I suppose if they were unreleased/ultra rare. Even then, downloading and burning games isn't that difficult.

Also, I don't suppose you've noticed this:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that!
I post the reason I used that cover at the time, basically sometime people ask me to use covers they have found on the net and do a mock up for them. He was from the states and just wanted it that way!
I always try and do my own covers unless someone asked for something they has seen else where and liked and as they have found they on covers sites I guessed the designer was happy for others to use them?
I had no idea this was such a big thing, I started doing this for myself and a couple of friend and gamers pals, SORRY if my work has offended anyone in any way.