My Holy Dreamcast Shrine has Evolved

It's bank holiday Monday and it's raining outside so what do you do? Coursework? NO!

Instead I muck around with my Dreamcast collection, that's what! Now almost everything is all in one neat place. My dad passed over one of his many CD cabinets to me as he didn't need it anymore, and it's just the right shade of blue not only for my room but for my Dreamcast games, which have been all sitting on top of each other with bits of cardboard in between each row to sop them from dropping when I pulled a lower one out! The slots i this thing were a little bit too deep so I stuffed some Game Boy Advance boxes down the back so the DC games would stop further out. All the imports fit in just two slots, but all those chunky British games took almost eight of them, but I had some room left for demos, emulator/home brew discs and my Neo Geo Pocket games.

Dreamcast boxes are scattered all around it, with the arcade stick shoved under it and Samba De Amigo and the keyboard sitting on the sides. There's a Jet Set Radio poster on the wall next to it, moved from another wall. Even the top of the cabinet is infested with Dreamcast characters. The Crazy Taxi, that chainsaw weirding monster from House of the Dead 2, and even a Chao and Froggy from Sonic Adventure:

Photos are fun to take, so I laid some stuff out and took some more.

Import games! They take up half the room, and don't have clumsy cases they break too easy!

So for the record, here's where my collection stands:
19 Japanese games
12 American games
59 British games
24 Demo discs
3 Promo Videos
6 Controllers (One with box, One still new in boxed, and one in black that sadly doesn't work well)
1 Saturn-styled fighting controller
2 Rumble Packs
2 Microphones (One with Alien Front and one with Seaman)
7 VMU's (one red)
2 '4-in-1' Memory Cards
2 Arcade Sticks (One with box)
2 Light Guns (One with box)
A Fishing Rod
A Keyboard (with box)
A Konami Dance Mat
A VGA Adapter (box)
Sod knows how many Dreamcast magazines (A few DC-UK's, a load of Unofficial Dreamcast mags and every single Official mag)
Dreamcast internet guide book.


Gossamer Axe said...

Wow! That's some collection! =]

Porroe said...

Pretty impressive! how long did it take you to gather all of that??

Caleb said...

When I worked at Officemax I got some shelves that were on max clearance.

For a brief shining moment I had all my video games set up for all to see.

-Then I moved and had to give away the shelves to friends.

Ah well... Your collection has inspired me to finally take some pictures of my collection.

Caleb said...

I also like how the chao looks like it is gonna get chainsawed.

fatherkrishna said...

Lovely collection Gagaman(n)!

gnome said...