Fideo Friday! #3

This week's video I literally just found a few minutes ago and is a daft parody of the bloody brilliant RPG Skies of Arcadia, complete with a guy with a chunk off of a Dreamcast controller for an eye patch and a bloke wearing a ginger ponytail wig and what looks like a yellow bin bag fighting...pillows? If you've never played the game (what, not even that huge demo they did with the official magazine once?) this will probably go staight over your head, so play it already!

You may of also noticed I've been tinkering slightly here and there with the blog, what with my new admin abilities. The links section as been revamped and updated, along with a (soon to expand) collection of tab links. I've even taken my old Dreamcast related articles from the long-dead blog of mine Sega Freaks and have squeezed them into the archives here! Mwa ha ha.


Caleb said...


What the hell?

I know enough spainish to know that Puta and Cojanes` (whore and testicles) are not words normally found in a RPG conversation!

Holy crap. Another awesome find!

Anonymous said...


fatherkrishna said...

I enjoyed the 'fideo' more than I enjoyed the game! Cripes! :)