"Amercian Dreamcast" Lets go buy a Dreamcast 9-9-99

I will admit it. I openly wept while watching this.

Oh Dreamcast! How could Sega stop supporting you?!?!?!?!!?

Ah well. That Dreamcast he bought 8 years ago lives on...in undeath.


Anonymous said...

As long as there are still people out there enjoying their Dreamcasts, Sony hasn't won.

Anonymous said...

:O Are there more on youtube? I've been searching for a launch video like that forever!

Unknown said...

Ah. Man I remember how excited I was when I bought mine. Sadly due to school I didn't get to buy it at midnight and wait in line and have the entire social experience. I just walked up to the counter around 5 pm that day and bought it.

Anonymous said...

Good memories indeed. But in answer to the statement "Oh Dreamcast! How could Sega stop supporting you?!?!?!?!!?" - basically SEGA (American division who headed the promo stuff for us westerners in particular) fcuked up and dropped the ball on that one.

[soapbox rant]

I've worked for people like LEGO, SONY and agencies in the creative promotion and advertising industry for years with guys who were involved - and after having done everything right at the launch 9.9.99 and all the original ads along with having a superb product that still stacks up today... it's commonly agreed that SEGA then screwed up the promotion, ads and their theoretical lifestyle brand positioning for their marketing worldwide.

Of course, the inferior product from SONY actually acted upon their planned lifestyle approach for marketing and awareness rather than just talking about it - and look what happened to them.....

[/soapbox rant]

Erm, yeha. Love the blog by the way - my first post in months, years even!


fatherkrishna said...

This is exactly the sort of stuff that makes me LOVE the Dreamcast... I bought a Wii within the hype zone and it's shit!

The Dreancast still rocks! Nuff said! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank u for bringing back happy memories. I rember standing in line that night until 1:30am before we finally got in to buy our system 40 of us in Orangeburg, Sc. A lot of people who where their formed freindships that still last. Sega made dreams come true, and then shattered them. At least the online community keeps the dreams alive.