X-box Live arcade gets some updated Dreamcast goodness.

See that picture?

The cat represents the X-box 360.

The corn represents Dreamcast games like Rez and Ikaruga.

As you can see the X-box 360 is really enjoying the Dreamcast goodness. And I am sure gamers will too.

...Ok fine. I just wanted an excuse to post that .gif. But really a HD edition of Rez and an updated version of Ikaruga are being released on X-box Live. Rejoice.

-Articles linked from Kotaku.

EDIT: Racketboy has a much better article up about this that I somehow missed before. Go. Read. It.

Btw: One of these games (Rez) was mentioned in an article that Gagaman(n) wrote awhile back. Of course he said it should be remade for the Wii, not the 360. Still I think 1/2 points should be awarded.


Animated AF said...

There's also a new Bangai-O coming to the DS, with co-op 4 player and a friken level creator! =D

Caleb said...

NO WAI!!!!

What the hell was wrong with consumers!!!!!!

Why the hell weren't these games supported the first time around...


racketboy said...

Wii would be a better fit for Rez.
Maybe once Nintendo gets their non-Virtual Console download service up and running

Animated AF said...

If anything it sure is a testament to how good the Dreamcast game line up was when ports like this still excite people to no end. All these years that have passed and yet no one has forgotten just how good we had it on the Dreamcast, and many see things like this as a way of catching up on what they regret missing.

fatherkrishna said...

Fabulous! This is the sort of relevent post I would be making if my house didn't kept broken into and stopped me from posting relevent stuff...