Another Samba De Amigo post?

Looks like the announcement of the Wii Samba De Amigo has brought the fans of the original out of the woodwork, all showing off why this game always has and always will rock your socks off. here's another Youtube video of someone doing essentially the same as I have just done only far more professionally: he has someone filming him for a start, with a better camera that can actually show the TV screen without going all white. I could probably kick his arse at the game though, if that is not the hard mode he is playing, that is..

So are you running about on Ebay looking for this little beauty yet? I'm sure you're getting sick of hearing about it for a full week. XD


Caleb said...

I feel like such a poser since I have only played the Dreamcast version a couple of times and don't own a copy.

...As soon as I have some $$ to waste I am gonna change that.

Animated AF said...

The Wii release may make the Dreamcast one drop in price. Then again, it may also make it increase in price..hard to predict. Still, if on a budget, the Maracas on Play-Asia and a seperate copy of the US version of the game wouldn't cost as much as mine cost.

Caleb said...

I just remembered in Manga-Gaga the end was a duel involving "Samba de Amigo"

"The ACTUAL Monkey from the Game itself!!!"


Animated AF said...

Turn out this guy was playing on the unlockable Super hard mode. Not bad!

Falco Girgis said...

Thanks. That was me. I was playing on Super Hard Mode. You get it by shaking the left maraca high 20 times (I think, at least a bunch), and it appears.