Dreamcast Scene is having a CONTEST! With STUFF! DREAMCAST STUFF!

"Dreamcast Scene presents - in cooperation with Sega Germany, redspotgames and Van Basilco - a sweepstake that haven't been there in this form. Good Dreamcast knowledge is required and the prizes grow from day to day."

Lots of respect to all the people and companies that are making this happen.

Go! Go and prove your mettle in the arena of the Dreamcast elite!

All hail the Undead Console!
All hail the Sega Dreamcast!


fatherkrishna said...

Great find Caleb! Although I was pissed off I didn't know the answer to the first question! LOL! :)

I think it's amazing that Sega Germany are sponsoring the competition, now that Sega seems to be washing it's hands of it's most spectacular creation - withdrawing technical support, closing down servers, cancelling productions of GD roms etc -

If only Sega in the US, UK and Japan would get behind the undead console in a similar way...

NebachadnezzaR said...

Funny, just a while ago I was playing the only game from that bunch that comes in a regular cd case. (needless to say, I know the answer)

Anyway, that's a great initiative. Wish there were more like it... And looks like were not the only ones to remember the Dreamcast's birthday :D

gnome said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

:O has anyone seen the redspotgames Dreamcast? That is amazing!!! I really hope I can win one of the prizes :)