Zombie Revenge!

Cripes! Heck! Blimey!

What does a man do to the fill the gap between Resident Evils? He turns to the House Of The Dead franchise, that's what! I love House Of The Dead on the Saturn, HOTD2 on the Dreamcast and HOTD 1,2,3 and 4 in the arcades! I'm excited about the upcoming HOTD Wii edition, but there is a game in the series that was unknown to me for a number of years and that is Zombie Revenge!

It is reminiscent of Dynamite Cop, in that it's a short and happily frantic game, it's third person and a brilliant HOTD themed shooter/beat'em up. The highlight of the game is finding yourself encountering the monsters you are "oh so familiar with" from the original HOTD in about, Chapter 6.

Obviously you've only ever encountered them before in a FPS Light Gun perspective, but now they're all little and cute, and you can see yourself wasting them! I've actually enjoyed smashing a game in one afternoon, instead of putting hours and days into it.

I'd thoroughly reccomend you check it out, and if you want to know more there's some links for you here:

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Animated AF said...

Pretty enjoyable this (and the VMU mini games are great...like Zombie Fishing!), but I personally prefer Dynamite Cop, which I intend to do a rummage video of soon!

Animated AF said...





Mochi said...

"What does a man do to the fill the gap between Resident Evils?"

I'll have 4 words :

fatherkrishna said...

Indeed Mochi. I can't argue with that! I love Typing Of The Dead!
Especially with two keyboards in versus mode...

Do you know Gagaman(n) I never got anywhere with Zombie Fishing on the VMU... My character was always sleeping and the food kept disappearing from my cupboard!
Where am I going wrong?

NebachadnezzaR said...

Played this game a while ago, and indeed it's a fun little game, despite what most reviewers said about it...

By the way, talking about Dynamite Cop, I have a surprise for the fans of this game waiting to be posted on the saturn junkyard...

Tom Charnock said...

Hey Ho! Glad to see the posts are still FUCKING AWESOME. Shit, as soon as I get an internet connection again I'm gonna be posting like a bastard - I must've picked up about 40 games since my last update. I have so much to tell you - so much horse shit to vomit up onto the internet about my experiences. I feel like one of the Fellowship of the Ring returning to tell amazing tales of Dreamcast games long forgotten. Anyway, whilst I'm here: Has anyone played Alone in the Dark (new nightmare) to the second disk as Carnby? I have, and I've got pretty far - to the caverns under the chapel to be precise...but here's the problem: whenever I turn around a certain corner, a cut scene kicks in of Carnby neaking past a 'surgeon.' The it just crashes (Carnby keeps walking into a cupboard and all control is lost as he simply continues to walk into said cupboard infinatley). It really pissed me off and ended my affair with the game. Anyone else had this problem?

Tom Charnock said...

Oh, and Zombie Revenge? Yeah, having played it recently with a mate I must confess that it is quite good fun in multiplayer - but why can you only play it in one mode in two player, and why does the 'VS' mode suck so much ass?

fatherkrishna said...

Gasp! Our leader! Alright Tom!
I've only played Alone In The Dark up to the point where I'm in the sewer and then I get eaten by a crocodile or something... Ho hum!

Another good thing about Zombie Revenge is it has got me playing HOTD2 again! God I love light guns...