Dark Falz's last stand online. Dreamcast PSO

A group of Dreamcast PSO enthusiasts takes on Dark Falz one last time in 2007...

This is during the last days of the official Sega European Servers.

While you can not longer play the game online "officially" anymore, there are other methods that can be used. I am still playing the game offline myself. It's too bad that they never setup a multiplayer offline option. (One of the gamecube releases did have some kind of split screen option)

It's a bit of a spoiler because it shows the end boss. Still pretty cool. You can tell that some people still enjoyed playing the game in 2007 and it's a shame that the plug had to be pulled.


NebachadnezzaR said...

I so love PSO... It was my 2nd Dreamcast game (the first was the great Jet Set Radio) and the first game I've played online.

By the way, kind of unrelated question, but is PSO ver.2 worth it? I'm asking because I read somewhere that the new content was online-exclusive, and if I buy it I'm just going to play it off-line.

Anonymous said...

are their any bootleg servers still working?

Anonymous said...

dreamcast.onlineconsoles.com hosts a private server for PSO, though you have to have meet several requirements to get server access.

Caleb said...

For offline play Version 2 might be worth it.

You get new quests and stuff.

Max level is increased from 100 to 200.

"Ultimate" difficulty can be fun if you like an extreme challenge.

new weapons.

I know for a fact that the gamecube versions had alot more stuff added to the game, so you mgiht want to try that out.

Caleb said...

If you get the Gamecube version make sure you get the 1 and 2 PLUS version so you can access extra stuff offline.

(if you want the GBA minigames)

fatherkrishna said...

Great video, and in fact the first time I have EVER seen PSO gameplay! I have been somewhat cursed by the game, never even having the access code to play it offline despite owning two copies. It's a damn shame Sega pulled the plug on the server. They should have honoured the fans who bought the game thinking they could play it online for as long as they owned the game.

I will play it online one day I swear it! It looks brilliant!