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What The F**k???

In the second of a series of videos requested by DCJY correspondents, it is with a massive degree of trepidation that I post the above video... I'll do it, because long term commentor and Planet Dreamcast forum chum, Nick944 has requested it. And I'll take whatever (inevitable) flack comes my way for doing so.

What relevence does this have to the DCJY then? Well apparently this is the video journal of two guys who are producing a Dreamcast Homebrew title called (possibly) Chaos Rift... (Well that's what the developers website is called...) From what I can gather it's an RPG featuring... erm a crudely drawn massive knob, and an even cruder representation, of a ladies... erm... "Lady Garden"...

Apart from being a rather poorly made video, with bad sound, it is also, dare I say it rather tedious... And this is just one snippet of a vast catalogue of diary-type videos on Youtube, based on enlightening us all on what it takes to develop a homebrew title. Now I know some of you tech-types might marvel at the ins and outs of 'coding' and 'sprites' and the like, but I would rather pour red hot salt in my eyes, and wash it out with rancid horse piss, than watch any more of these two chickless dweebs, showing off their homebrew adventures.

So there you have it! my genuine apologies to my friend Nick for not sharing his enthusiasm about this project, for I will NEVER, EVER play this game even if Sega announce they are launching The Dreamcast 2 bundled with the title!


Anonymous said...

FK...they are just screwing around with the program....hopefully.

Software people do this once the engine is complete but the actual game isn't.

I mean they have artists and stuff working on the actual game.

...I hope it will turn out to be a traditional RPG.

Anonymous said...

the first video is pretty bad, but most the others are good. it seems like it will be a great game when they finish it!

Animated AF said...

I'm pretty sure when I watched some of the other clips about this game in development they had nothing like that in it. They're probably just dicking around.


Tom Charnock said...

Red hot salt? Horse piss? Ho ho! Love it! And as im mostly viewing the yard on my gash mobile these days, im spared the horror of the posted 'production'! All hail nokia!