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Top Dreamcast Moments of 2007

Well it's 2008 and I still don't own a current-gen console. Go figure.

But that's all right because 2007 was a year stuffed with awesome Dreamcast occurrences!

Join me, will you, as I blog about some of my personal favorites...

New Dreamcast games!

Karous, Trigger Heart Exelica and Last Hope. Remember these? What a great year for classic shumps!

Proving once again that the Dreamcast IS the undead console, new games were announced for 2008 as well. This was AFTER the GD-Rom was discontinued!

Redspotgames doesn't want to leave the Dreamcast.



They are coming out with Dalforce and Wind And Water Puzzle Battle this year!

And lets not forget about Dynamite Dreams!

4 players with VMU mode!


And of course we cannot forget the many homebrew releases and ports from the Dreamcast Evolution site!


My Favorite?


Beneath a Steel Sky! If you have a Dreamcast mouse and keyboard you will be all set!

Nick Perry gets a new copy of Resident Evil 2 for the Dreamcast

Just a random youtube video. But I liked it and the Resident Evil 2 Dreamcast version is the best one out there!

The Dreamcast 2 rumour.

Is it possible to crush the Dreams of Sega fans anymore? Yes, yes it is.

Totally official Sega Dreamcast 2 plans. PROOF AT LAST!


This trademark renewal led to speculation and many many tears...

Getting a copy of Powerstone 2!

Ok, this was just a personal thing. I have wanted a copy of this game for a long time. I was so lucky to get this game and many other Dreamcast gems in 2007. I made the effort to rearrange my collection this year as well so I got to get some new pics up.

And my personal favorite for 2007?

The Dreamcast guitar.

I don't know why this masterpiece (originally blogged here by Gagaman(n)) caught my attention but it did. Perhaps it's just a nice symbol of how cool the Dreamcast and the Dreamcast community is.

Thank you Flooky from Destructoid.

Here is hoping for an awesome 2008.


Anonymous said...

they never officially anounced that GD-ROM production ended, it was just a rumor.

fatherkrishna said...

Wow! Oh my gosh! And what a definitive and thoroughly thrilling resumee os 2007 that was!
All hail the undead console and a very happy and prosperous 2008 to you Caleb!

Awesome in so many ways!

Long live the DCJY!!!

Anonymous said...

Karous will be releasing in Wii this march.

Animated AF said...

2008 is already looking promising:
Border Down reprints soon!
Nintendo 64 emualtion on the Dreamcast is becoming possible!
Many indie titles due for release!
Dreamcast games being ported and remade left right and center to Live arcade and wii!