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Shopping for a Dreamcast in 2008

Someone needed a Dreamcast and made the trip down to the local swapmeet.

They find a re-packed Dreamcast for $60. With the Wild Thornberries video game! (They knew that it wasn't a game for the Dreamcast. They were just making fun of it. But they really didn't know what a RFU adaptor was...oh these kids today.)

My favorite quotes.

"Why do you want a Dreamcast?"

"Because the PS3 sucks."

This mirrors alot of my experiences with buying Dreamcast stuff. (It's mostly Russian or French and not Spainish being spoken though) You have to go to these places though. You never know what you can find. And, sadly, they are about the only place to find older games in some areas with no independent video game stores that carry retro stuff.

And people are ALWAYS trying to include the wrong system/games in a bundle. WTF? Is it so hard to tell a Dreamcast game from a PS1 game or computer software? Read the side label people!

I should document my next trip to a local flea-market to find Dreamcast stuff.

People still want the Dreamcast though. That is clear.

I just got the unreleased K-Project for my Dreamcast and I have been playing some Expendable as well. Damn Expendable is a fun little game. Pick it up and play a round if you haven't.


Ross said...

I can't find any Dreamcast software of consoles around here. Not in shady pawn shops, not in flea markets, not in used game stores... at least I've built up a steady little collection of games for it before the games disappeared from every retail store in the U.S.

Unknown said...

For me, an Australian Dreamcast whore, ebay seems to be the best, easily accessible source of anything Dreamcast related.

There are the occasional game droughts, but they're usually followed by a flood of decent titles.

My Dreamcast obsession started as a kid when it was released. Being way out of my price range back then, I only got my hands on a good quality system and game library (40 and climbing) in the last couple of years.

The Australian games market seems to get the short end of the stick faily often. Especially with something like the Dreamcast. That, for me, is one of the best parts of getting to enjoy such a great console after its time; the challenge of establishing a nice collection.

A friend of mine who up until recently had only really owned a N64 and a PS2 in the past, insisted I track down a Dreamcast for him. Now he's hooked too, along with another friend who's hounding for one.

Here's hoping for an 8th generation Sega comeback.

I've resorted to importing titles from overseas...they'd wanna make a comeback. ;)

Anonymous said...

Man, sure wish I'd get my hands on a Dreamcast. Too bad the only way to bring one is eBay (with import and transport taxes it reaches around the same price as a new Xbox360).

Anonymous said...

You mention an unreleased game K-Project! whats that?

fatherkrishna said...

Joshua! You are to be commended for your Dreamcast love!

My own Dreamcast collecting obsession has recently slowed up massively since you can't walk into a shop in the UK any more and just buy stuff.

However, I do own about two thirds (at least) of all the PAL releases and will have it all one day...

Great post Caleb!