Some interesting Homebrew projects

Well I think we all need a fresh breath of air to keep our spirits up after recent events.

If nothing else, the past week has shown that there is still alot of interest in the Dreamcast out there.

Speaking of interest in the Dreamcast...check out this quote from

"Dreamcast Scene is going through a major resurgence with the releases of a New Genesis emulator, New Games, a new compilation and much more. If you have a Dreamcast rotting away at home or can pick one up cheap then you could be enjoying one of the best console homebrew scenes" wraggster

Let me give you a quick rundown of some of the releases he is talking about.


Yes, you heard right! A brand new Genesis/Megadrive emulator has just been released for the Dreamcast!

I am still playing Genesis games on my Genesis of course but emulation on the DC is a close second. I really enjoy being able to emulate games on a console vs a TV.

Read all about "Gens4All"


Neverball, a game similar to Monkeyball.

It reminds me of one of those old wooden box games where you tilt the top to move a ball around a maze. One false step and your ball goes kerplunk.

Like Monkeyball I play this game even though I am horrible at it.

There are some very prettty colors though.

Read all about the new version.

Visit the Neverball Homepage.

Captain Commando And The Avengers by Gabo-Hanzo

Another Beats of Rage Mod.

It looks pretty spiffy and I like most games where you can play as Captain America or The Punisher.

Read all about it.

EmuForge Homebrew Compilation CD

Do you like ZX-Spectrum video games? Do you also happen to like the Dreamcast? Well then by Golly you are IN LUCK.

This lovely CD image comes with a bunch of ZX-Spectrum games inlcuding Cannon Bubble, Phantomasa and Sokoban.

Camelot Warriors (the hardest platformer I have EVER played) is also present on this disk.

In addition it comes with an EDGE 3D engine port with FreeDoom.

All in all a very promising look toward the future all on one .cdi. I love the Dreamcast homebrew community for putting together such awesome compliation disks.

Read about it here.

nxDOOM vs Escena DOOM

This seems to be a Doom mega disk filled with mods and new levels.

You do need the original Doom2 .wad to play this homebrew though.

I have not had a chance to run this yet since it's split up into different parts.

But, hey, I like playing DoomDC. The loading times on that kinda sucked but the game itself ran fine once you got into the program. Some of the mods seem like good fun.

Read about this.

So there are a number of great releases for the Dreamcast and the homebrew scene seems to going strong.


fatherkrishna said...

A superb round up! Well done sir!
Although I find the image of a Dreamcast just "rotting away" rather disturbing...

Anonymous said...

Amazing! though I've stopped getting myself into the Homebrew on Dreamcast, I have too many CD-R's lying around from it. I prefer the commercial homebrew. Though I am getting a CycloDS Evolution for my DS.

NebachadnezzaR said...

Is it just me or Neverball's graphics look rather impressive for a homebrew?

Another great post, Caleb. Too bad I'm short on cd-r's :(

Anonymous said...

Looks like I need to buy my DC back from my friend.

paullstanley said...

Check out my homebrew Dreamcast arcade and let me know what you think! ps. as a hufe Dreamcast fan, you have a follower here.