GamesTM Dreamcast Edition

Just a quick post to let all of you lovely people know that the latest edition of the very marvellous GamesTM magazine has twenty plus pages devoted to our favourite console this month.

The articles cover the history of the Dreamcast, from it's Japanese launch, to it's current status, including Wind and Water Puzzles. It name-checks the best and worst software releases from 1998 to 2008, the GamesTM top ten Dreamcast releases, how the Wii is the Dreamcast 2, a profile of Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue and information on homebrew and independent releases.

All in all it celebrates the Dreamcast's legacy, it's relevence in 2008 and gives it the props it's due.
Not since RetroGamer's Dreamcast special have we seen a contemporary publication show the Dreamcast so much love.

Buy it read it and revel in it!


racketboy said...

did they do a good job with it?

Tom Charnock said...

Hey FK - nice to see you posting at the 'Yard again. I'll be sure to check the new edition of GamesTM out asap - thanks for the heads up geezer.

Animated AF said...

Sounds great, In wonder if they'll make like Retro gamer and decide to link to this blog in it? =)

Animated AF said...

By the way guys, tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the Dreamcast's lanuch in Japan, and while I did want to release my video review for Wind and water for tomorrow, it's not going to be ready just yet as almost half of the footage I ripped decided to go corrupt. Hmph =/

fatherkrishna said...

They always do a great job Racket... They've shown the Dreamcast a lot of love over the years, reviewing all of the new games released for the system such a Last Hope etc.

It's a pleasure to be here Tom. I'm afraid I've neglected all my blogs since I dislocated my shoulder, a situation I intend to rectify. (The blogging not the shoulder)

Unfortuantely Gagaman(n) I didn't see the site mentioned, although it does mention Emu/modding sites.

Animated AF said...

Had a quick flick through it (dont own it just yet), the ten years feature is excatly ike something I was thinking of doing for the anniversary, so i guess it's a good thing I didn't. It has the entire 10 year history with approx numbers of how many games came out each year (watch as it goes from 290 and 170 to 15, 7 and eventaly 2!). They also have a great feature on L.O.L.

Animated AF said...

Hope you don't mind: I replaced the magazine cover shown with one of the issue the Dreamcast feature is in, so people know what to look for =)

fatherkrishna said...

"Hope you don't mind: I replaced the magazine cover shown with one of the issue the Dreamcast feature is in, so people know what to look for =)"

Do I mind??? I'm eternally grateful that you did dear Gagaman(n). For some reason I can only ever bring up that GTA IV cover picture when I hunt around the interweb.

Just because the mag covered what it did, doesn't mean that you shouldn't run the posts that you intended to.

Your own take on all things Dreamcast are always highly entertaining and informative.

Plus, there will be people who cannot get hold of the mag (I still have never seen the Retrogamer Dreamcast edition.

get to work my good man! We're all waiting! ;)