Pop Culture Icon.

I think am going to do a new feature here where I make post every time someone uses the Dreamcast in their movie/webcomic/whatever as a Cultural Icon.

Take this brand new brand new MegaTokyo strip where Fred Gallagher has a zombie dinosaur eating a Dreamcast console.


They are getting harder to find, aren't they?

It's amazing how many people utilize the Dreamcast as an icon. I won't dredge up any of the many many examples I have seen the in the past but I will make mention of new ones I happen to see.


Animated AF said...

Wow, that webcomic is still going? I forgot all about it. Probably because it stinks, mind.

Caleb said...

It's the hentai inspired storyline that WILL NOT END.

It got interesting for a bit. But then it dragged on and got crappy.