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Whilst perusing the quite excellent Sega Nerds (link always available on the side-bar) I came across this most excellent video showing clips of Sega 2008 releases across the current gen consoles - (as well as a couple of 2007 ones.) What struck me straight away was that I had only ever seen examples of these compilations/tributes based on Dreamcast games, at least five years old when I first saw them. (See Gagaman(n)'s most wonderful example, with far better music, below...)

Now compare and contrast the two... First of all notice how well the Dreamcast graphics compare to those of the current gen. Sure some of the first video's batch will be DS, PSP, PS2 or Wii. But some are 360 and PS3. Watch the Dreamcast vid in High Quality for full effect... Overall, if you compare the two, I think the Dreamcast comes up looking pretty slick!

Secondly, for a bit of New Year fun, take a pen and paper, see how many Dreamcast reissues and character cameos you can see in Sega's current line up, with extra Nerd Points awarded for naming the current game/format e.g. Ulala, Superstars Tennis DS.

Right! I'm just going to knock one off over my Official Dreamcast Magazines whilst shoving a Bass Fishing Controller up my clag-nut cavern... Hey ho chaps! Happy New Year!


マーティン said...

Happy New Year DCJY!

I am continually shocked about the Dreamcast. Only yesterday was I playing mine, when I realised that whilst GoW2 does have amazing graphics, that the VGA output on the DC still looks amazing on my 24" Dell monitor.

I've got my own post waiting to go online, but the idea is essentially the same as yours. The DC really has and WILL stand the test of time.

Ujn Hunter said...

Woot! Finally got a working Japanese system for Xmas (self gift). It looks so cute next to my U.S. DC :)

fatherkrishna said...

Martin, you've just inspired me to get a VGA adaptor!

Congratulations dear Ujn! May it give you hours of Freamcast fun...

マーティン said...

Congrats Ujn!

Fatherkrishna - buy one. Now :)

Animated AF said...

I'm still working on my huge 10-minute 100+ games tribute video that I originally intended to release for the DC's birthday. Hope to have it ready in the next month. =)

fatherkrishna said...

I've just ordered on from Racket! Hurrah!

Looking forward to it Gagaman(n). A visual montage with with a kick ass track has got to be the most direct way to enjoy a hit of Dreamcast goodness!