New Dreamcast on sale for $99! And now it's sold out...


ThinkGeek had some new in box Dreamcasts for sale. $99 each.

...and now they are all gone.

However, you can sign up to be emailed if they happen to get any more in.

Wow. These sold out very quickly. I think the the TG store is probably kicking themselves for not charging more.

(And yes, I know that you can get NIB Dreamcast's elsewhere on the web for the same price. I posted this to note how quickly these things sell out when major sites report on the sale (Kotaku, Cheapassgamer...ect)


Barry the Nomad said...

The fact that they're a reputable retailer helped too. Sites like "" and "" aren't very approachable.

Shame the sale didn't last more than a day.

Animated AF said...

I hope everyone that bought one will wait till 9.9.09 to open the sealed box up, and on that day we saw get hundreds of unboxing videos on Youtube..

Anonymous said...

I have to say if anyone wants a NEW and SEALED Dreamcast. I purchased mine from

They have purchased all the remaining stock from SEGA. you can read from my blog. No joke.

I got the dreamcast from ebay from seller service-concepts where they bulk sold from sega parts.

Barry the Nomad said...

It would be even MORE special if those who waited to open their boxes until 9-9-09 found inside a fully working "Dreamcast 2" prototype with Shenmue 3