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ThinkGeek has new Dreamcasts in again!


I ordered one. I admit it. I REALLY wanted a Dreamcast new in box. Now in three days I will have one. Is it worth $107? Well considering that 2 new gen games would cost more than that I am just going to assume yes. Well no fast food or wasted money for the rest of the month then. I have to justify this purchase somehow.

Don't blink or you might miss them selling out of these again!

All hail the Undead Console*!

*Undead console term is © Dreamcast Junkyard 2009.


Barry the Nomad said...

I'd say "good buy!"
The typical used Dreamcast is between $50 and $60, with new ones on ebay going for $90-$100. But you bought yours from a reputable online store, which is always worth a few bucks more IMO.

Also, there really is nothing like a new Dreamcast controller. I bought a new PAL controller last week and it is AMAZING. The buttons click so effectively. Compare that to my heavily used (since 1999) controller which the buttons "mush" down when pressed and the triggers make sticky noises when being depressed.

Barry the Nomad said...

PS - Cool Cool Toon just arrived in the post! and I've uploaded (most of) the image galleries on the GD-ROM to share them:



Animated AF said...

I've owned Cool Cool Toon for a while but didn't know all that artwork on on the disc, neat! I really want to do a Rummgae video of the game one day.

Ujn Hunter said...

Nice. New Dreamcasts are sexy. I'd buy one if it was the Black sports edition... seeing I already own 3 Dreamcasts :)

Also, thanks Barry!

Barry the Nomad said...

Np on the images, share and enjoy! :)

As for the new Dreamcast box pictured, what image is on the other side of the box? Do they show the system itself or just another giant controller? It'd be a shame is the system didn't get a photo.
(I never bought a system in that style of box as I bought my Dreamcast in November '99)

Tom Charnock said...

the US console box is way better than the UK one. Actually - everything about the PAL boxes (bot game and hardware) is shoddy when compared to the NTSC ones

Barry the Nomad said...

I thought the UK boxes were pretty sleek (in an Apple computers sort of way), the quality of cardboard for UK boxes were matte while the US boxes were a typical gloss. But I can see what you mean, the US boxes make the system look much more revolutionary and fun.
I still love the Yukawa box. Excited Japanese business men need to be on every product.

Animated AF said...

I prefer the UK boxes, they're exactly the same as the Japanese ones but blue, and quite striking. The American one just has a picture of the controller for some reason, not the console.

Barry the Nomad said...

Sega of America really couldn't decide on a concrete look for the Dreamcast packaging. I prefer the early boxes with white and orange. The heavy use of black in the final years looked too "Playstation-y".

Franco said...

Its amazing how people still call the DC "dead" still.

NIB consoles are being sold at the same price as mainstream consoles

New games are coming out for it

Huge homebrew and fan community.

How much more evidence do they want that its not dead?

Ujn Hunter said...

From a retail/consumer view it is dead. Sega no longer supports it. People still love it, but it is gone.

NebachadnezzaR said...

It's 9/9/99 all over again! :P

Barry the Nomad said...

Xbox (the first one) is dead as well, and yet the Dreamcast seems more alive than the 1 year gone black box. I was actually quite sad when I learned I would be getting no more games for it, as I sort of treated it as my second Dreamcast (JSRF, Orta, Gungrave, Otogi, Sonic Heroes and yes, even Shadow)

Animated AF said...

The Dreamcast has had more game releases since 2006 than the Gamecube as well. I think.