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Yahoo Games talks about the Dreamcast's "Resurrection".

The undead console has risen! Quite a few online shops have been selling (out of) brand new Dreamcast's and this has led to the video above from Yahoo games. "It's a good thing consoles can't eat brains, because it's certianly the first time we've heard of one coming back from the dead!" Wahahaha!


Barry the Nomad said...

Ahahahaha! That was a very satisfying view. I love the quote "According to the internet..."

Franco said...

Well, that punk Simon Jeffery was right about something. "Dreamcast fans are epidemic throughout the whole gaming industry"

And rightly so I may add!

Caleb said...

I would just like to note that WE the DREAMCAST JUNKYARD were the first ones to start calling the Dreamcast an Undead Console.

We deserve internet props for that.

We really need to get a T-shirt setup or something. Like with the undead Dreamcast girl art that Gagaman(n) came up with.

Caleb said...


Really we should do that.

Barry the Nomad said...

I'd be up for contributing a shirt design too :D

Animated AF said...

I think you may have coined the phase "Submit to the undead console" in your Soul Calibur video, Caleb. :)

And yes, t-shirt designs would be great, I'd be up for setting that up. Not using cafe press though: they were shite from my previous experience unless they have changed much.

Barry the Nomad said...

a DCJY shirt shop would be awesome, but I agree, avoid Cafe Press. They can be pretty hit and miss, especially when not printing on white.

Tom Charnock said...

sounds like a good idea to me! I was actually considering creating some shirts some time ago - but work, money and motivation to actually do anything but drink all came into play. If you can do it GM, it'd be awesome!

Caleb said...

So Cafe Press is out.

Where else could we get custom T-shirts printed?

I will pony up some dough if someone finds a reputable place to get them made.

Caleb said...


Someone called them out on "according to the Internet".


Barry the Nomad said...

lol on the internet citation. Thing is, Yahoo IS correct in that the Dreamcast has had a big revival. They just failed to mentioned the large number of blogs, boards and independent games. They only mentioned one e-tailer selling old stock of "new" consoles.

One point I wish they would have made is that the Dreamcast has released more new games in the past year than the XBOX (Madden 09 in August '08 for the XBOX, Wind & Water and DUX for the Dreamcast)

Assuming DUX comes out before August '09.