Dreamcast: Drug Lord's Console of Choice

Howdy, fellow Dreamcasters! Seeing as it's been several months since I checked in with a post here at the DCJY, I thought now was as good a time as any to share some DC news with you. Well, it's not 'news,' per say, but it involves everyone's favourite white block of fun. Speaking of white blocks of fun (that's, erm, the DC in case you were wondering), I don't actually have mine at the moment because I let a friend borrow it...and now he's fucked off on holiday without telling me. On the plus side, he managed to do something I never could - get off the first disc on Code Veronica. Damned mutant thing making me look like a fool. Gah...!

Anyway, I digress. This past week has been a pretty dull one in the life of Tomleecee, so I've found myself sampling the delights of many a movie, book or DVD boxset. Watched the entire first series of Dexter in 2 sittings (what an awesome show, by the way) and as I couldn't really afford to spend £30-odd buying the second and third series, I instead chose to purchase another, cheaper boxset to follow it - namely Series 1 of The Shield. Had previously heard of it, but never actually bothered watching an episode. Mainly because it's on Channel 5 and as a rule I don't tend to watch anything on Channel 5. Apart from the Gadget Show. Erm. So yeah, bought The Shield series 1 for £6 from CEX. And it's ace. But what's this got to do with the Dreamcast?

Well, at the end of the pilot episode, double-hard mega cop Vic Mackey and his team of double-hard mega cops bust into a drug dealer's gaff (through the window, naturally), interrupting a nice family game of Crazy Taxi...on a Dreamcast!

Want evidence? Here you go, your honour:

It makes me feel warm and fuzzy knowing that even the most hardened drug dealers can enjoy a nice relaxing DC session with their favourite hoe or bitch.

DC-spottage doesn't stop there though my friends! Oh no! I also had the misfortune to watch a rather low-budget movie called The Truth About Average Guys. And when I say 'watch,' I mean 'view for 20 minutes and then turn off in disgust...but only after spotting another DREAMCAST REFERENCE!'

Here you go:

Yep, the 'hilarious' comedy scene involves two guys tricking their friend into thinking he's playing on an Xbox 360 with them by giving him a disconnected old DC controller. Honestly, I nearly died laughing.

So there you go. Not one but TWO Dreamcast spots in the space of week. In-fucking-credible! Now, I'm off to bust through my mate's window with guns drawn in order to get my Dreamcast back...


Mikey4u1984 said...

Im still kinda pissed you dint get a close up on the hot chick enjoying watching him play the Dreamcast.

Animated AF said...

Looks like Crazy Taxi 2, to be specific. :P

OatBob said...

There was an ad placement in the first season of the original CSI series. It was pretty blatant. One of the main characters asks the other if he has played the new Dreamcast system yet. It has lots of cool games like NFL 2K... I wish I knew which episode.